Rain-city Ready

Winter’s on its way, which means one thing: rain, rain, and more rain. However, don’t let Mother Nature get in the way of looking sleek when it’s slippery out there. Be prepared for sporadic showers by being rain-city ready:

Footwear First
Even if you’ve scored the cutest, sexiest little pair of gold sandaled stilettos, wearing them when it’s wet out is a huge no-no. Not only will you be freezing (you lose a majority of heat through your feet), but your look will be somewhat to desired as your splashing around in puddles– pruned toes at the club? No thanks! Instead, invest in some solid footwear this winter and be kind to your feet. You don’t have to sacrifice style by being smart thanks to the gumboot trend. Not a fan? Find waterproof heeled boots, or pumps that won’t be penetrated by rain. If you’re the sporty type, check out your favourite brands’ collection of waterproof runners.

Umbrella Buddy
Science has come a long way. And by science I mean umbrella makers, as now you can buy tiny umbrellas small enough to fold up and fit into your purse. You never know when a torrential shower is going to show up uninvited, so why not be well-prepared? Not only will your umbrella buddy keep you rain-city ready, but it’ll be less likely to lose as you can constantly have it stashed with you. Show your stylish self by copping a cute design on your mini travel umbrella.

Hair Aware
There are few things worse in the world of beauty then spending an hour on your hair, only to step outside and have it instantly ruined by rain. Rain showers increase the amount of humidity in the air, causing your hair-did to look frizzy. However, there are some precautions you can take to protect your ‘do. First off, try to stay away from hair products that contain either sulfate or alcohol in them, as they contribute to the frizzy look when mixed with humidity. Always comb out wet hair instead of brushing it out, and pat ends dry instead of rubbing them with a towel to prevent split ends. When it comes to styling, try to use silicone based products as well as a heat protective spray before stepping outside.

Waterproof Mascara
Unless it’s national racoon day, do not brave the wet outdoors without your good friend, waterproof mascara. If you are concerned that daily use of waterproof mascara will damage your eyelashes, pull a Harry Potter and invest in a wand that is right for you. Also remember to be gentle when removing mascara”use Vaseline and make sure to remove makeup every night. If waterproof mascara isn’t for you at all but you love the look of long lashes, you do have alternatives. Try using false eyelashes or getting your eyelashes tinted with organic vegetable dye.

Romanticising the Rain
There are things that will always look better in the movies then in real life. When it comes to rain, do not attempt the following movie moves, and you’ll definately be rain-city ready:

1) Wear a newspaper as a hat in place of an umbrella. Don’t feel the need to explain the logistics of what can go wrong.

2) Don’t wear anything white in the rain. Again, don’t feel I need to explain the logistics of that.

Then again, there are those things that look so amazing in the movies, that you just need to try them in real life:

1) Kissing in the rain.

2) Singing in the rain.

3) Looking thoughtfully out a window at the rain.

Stay dry out there!

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