Outfits That Will Get You Hired

First impressions count the most when meeting your future employer. While your CV might be impressive, a dowdy suit and frizzy hair doesn’t give off the impression that you take your career seriously. Here are some tips for looking the part and help you snag your dream job.

1. Dress appropriately

Shorts and miniskirts are always an interview no-no, but learning how to dress appropriately for a job interview isn’t always so obvious. One of my friends had an interview at a restaurant and she wanted to wear dark skinny jeans. I can tell you that unless you are applying as a camp counselor or landscaper, jeans are never appropriate for ANY job interview (even part-time or retail employment). While you might be able to wear jeans to work eventually, the interview is not the point in time for you to dress office casual. A jacket or blouse combined with a pair of dress pants (or printed pants if it’s a creative environment) or skirt around knee length is your best bet.

2. Prints

While floral prints and bold stripes are all the rage this season, stick to one printed piece in your outfit. You don’t want your interviewer distracted by your awesome aztec-printed harem pants. It’s also a good idea to keep prints for classic items like a floral-printed blazer or polka dot pumps.

3. Visit a tailor

It’s incredible what a trip to the tailor can do for the waistline of your pencil skirt or jacket’s shoulders. Visiting a tailor to help fit structured pieces will give your look more polish. This is especially important if you’re on a budget and buy pieces from a fast-fashion store. Allocate the money you saved to tailor any awkward bulges or excess fabric. If that’s out of the question for you, a chiffon blouse or dress will avoid this problem, as the fabric is less structured and more forgiving.

4. Find your perfect power suit

Hillary Clinton is famous for her rainbow of pantsuits, and nothing means business than a masculine-inspired look. Channel Hil’s refined look in a classic navy pantsuit. For a youthful touch, pair it with a nautical white and beige striped shirt, which breaks up the severity of the look.

5. Accessorize

Never underestimate the power of a good accessory, just don’t overdo it either. Borrow your mother’s pearl earrings for an elegant touch. A pair of Salvatore Ferragamo bow flats are a classic and feminine pick. A shorter heel is also less intimidating to your interviewer, and shows off your refined taste. If you’re working in fashion, a well-made structured bag will give off a pulled-together look. Borrow one from a friend until you can start saving up for your own dream bag.

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