Get in Tune with Maroon

Maroon no longer has to solely be associated with AC Slater’s wrestling outfit. The long-forgotten colour is back”and with a vengeance. Here’s five ways you can boldly or bashfully rock this autumn trend:

Whether you’re a high-heeler or forever a flats loyalist, pairing your feet up with maroon adds a touch of romanticism to any outfit. Figure yourself as an in-betweener when it comes to comfort vs. style? Try out a mutual maroon wedged heel- easier on your tootsies and great for versatility as they can jazz up your favorite pair of skinny jeans or add a touch of elegance to a medium length dress.

Dorothy really had it right with those sparkling ruby slippers, so why not steal her style by rocking a pair of shiny, twinkling, maroon-colored earrings? Go gaudy and grab a cheap pair at Forever XXI, or raid grandma’s jewellery box (as long as you ask first). Be careful of going overboard by pairing your accessories with a quieter outfit”think leggings, high bun, and an over-sized sweater. Bring the look together by sporting a similar shade of lipstick in a deep plum hue.

If you consider yourself a dare-devil when it comes to trying out new trends, maroon colored hair is your next big dare. Go bold like Rihanna with a vibrant, all-over color, or if you don’t want to commit, try a dip-dye job like Jessie J. If you just want to try it out for a night¦use maroon colored pastel chalk and color over damp hair. It washes out the next day so you’re commitment free¦just be sure you’re clothes are covered when applying as it tends to end up everywhere.

Whoever said the classics were boring clearly didn’t have long-term planning in mind. Invest in some basics in the burgundy hue to spice up an otherwise blah outfit. Keep in mind lines that don’t go out of style, such as the v-neck t-shirt, or a form-flattering pencil skirt. Tights Tights are an amazing addition to our autumn wardrobes, and there are countless ways they can enhance our outfits. Maroon tights can be cute when paired with a floral sundress and jean jacket, a vintage number, or even a mini-skirt to keep your legs toasty. Don’t be afraid to go out of your normal color realm, you might accidentally discover an amazing new combination (mint and maroon?). A key to wearing this hot trend, (much like any other trend), is to not go overboard. Think in pieces, and don’t go too matchy-matchy or you may find yourself marooned on the island of fashion no-no.

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