One Celeb, Four Great Looks

In a world where fashion idols are no longer few and far between, we’ve realized it’s time to narrow them down.  That’s why every month, we pick one of our favourite fashion go-tos and showcase four fantastic looks “ officially ending your days of sifting through images and giving you more time to hang out and shop.  This time around we’re looking at Mary Kate Olsen “ the actress, designer and businesswoman who does gothic chic even better than The Cure.

Look 1: Formal

We weren’t kidding when we told you black was back, and no one aside from Kelly Cutrone carries off the shade like Mary Kate Olsen.  Taking advantage both of this season’s infatuation with 50s chic and statement jackets, her black coat speaks for itself, boasting a feminine bulkiness that complements her delicate scarf, tights and shoes.

However, if you look closely enough, her heels aren’t simply just another accessory: with their patent shine and mammoth height, they balance the weight of the coat with their substance, resulting in a killer silhouette topped only by MK’s leather gloves and contrasting skin and sunglasses combo. But if you’re not a heels-wearer, fear not: lace-up combat boots will balance nearly any ensemble, while stud-embellished ankle boots will keep all eyes on your shoes.

Mary Kate Olsen in an all-black ensemble

Look 2: Casual

Now before you feign horror at this mishmash of items, we promise not to condone the wearing of your entire wardrobe at one time. However, eclectic is in, and if you’ve scoured a vintage shop or visited Williamsburg as of late, you’d know that mixing and matching is more than okay.  See-through skirt?  Not necessarily “ but by pairing a relatively delicate cardigan with boots of substance, you successfully combine the feminine with the fierce.

This goes for hats, too. Wearing a print dress (sans sheer overly), using the hat and boots to help tie everything together will prevent you from looking hobo chic.  And while you may get distracted by the varying textures, don’t.  Instead of a sheer outlayer, use printed stockings with a floral print to maintain that mixed-together vibe.

Mary Kate in a vintage ensemble

Look 3: Semi-Formal

With an abundance of black in style, to keep it exciting means looking to varying fabrics “ and nothing adds flare to an outfit like leather.  Though Fall calls for this look to be worn with tights, by taking a black skirt from cotton to leather, you immediately up the ante “ making this relatively day look completely applicable to night.

Ankle boots are another testimony to this season’s infatuation with fabrics, and with most shoe styles shying away from anything typical, suede “ though far from rain friendly “ adds dimension to a look that might otherwise be mundane.  Embellished leather will also do the trick, as would chunkier high heels if you’re not necessarily comfortable in stilettos.

Mary Kate Olsen in a black leather skirt

Look 4: Casual

Worn with a jacket and tights, any printed summer dress can be easily transitioned into fall, and like the 90s comeback currently taking both underground and mainstream fashion by storm, Mary-Kate works to make edgy and girly synonymous.

Pairing a chunky or wedge-heeled clog with a delicate floral will keep you from looking too feminine, while a sturdy bag and leather bomber will edge up any look and abide by the year’s eclectic tendencies.  Black, leather and vintage are in “ and if you can combine their forces into one power outfit, you’ll be one outfit closer to autumn 2010 domination.

Mary Kate Olsen in a breezy but short dress

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