The Most Iconic Fashion Films

Fashion in film can be determined by what designers are showing on the runway, and what people are wearing on the street. And film is a fantastic outlet for emerging trends to come to life and inspire everyday people. Women are among the most influential when it comes to fashion, and who can resist a strong and stylish femme fatale? There have been countless trend-setting leading ladies, but here are just a few who have helped to change the world of fashion, as we know it.

Holly Golightly “ Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Every time you slip into that little black dress you should be thanking Audrey Hepburn, who played this stylish wannabe-socialite. Sometimes it’s fun to be daring and crazy with clothes, and sometimes it’s better to go simple and classic. The Little black dresses, simple sweaters, timeless trench coats, and oversized sunglasses from this film continue to inspire elegance in women today.

Annie Hall “ Annie Hall

On the other end of the fashion spectrum is the quirky and androgynous Ms Annie Hall, portrayed by Diane Keaton. It’s safe to say that she made menswear a staple in women’s fashion. If you think Avril Lavign was the first woman to wear a men’s tie, think again.  Keaton took loose trousers, ties and white button down shirts and made them sexy, yet endearing. And thanks to her, when you think you have nothing to wear, you needn’t think twice about raiding your boyfriend’s closet.

Bonnie Parker “ Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie Parker, played by Faye Dunaway, didn’t let anything stand in the way of looking good “ not even a great depression or a casual bank robbery. Now that is a dedicated fashionista! In the film she is scarcely spotted without a beret on her head and a scarf around her neck. Women everywhere can replicate this style by pairing her chic accessories (including a well dressed man) with a tight, cropped sweater, pencil skirt and Mary Jane heels. Just leave the revolver at home.

Maré­a Elena “ Vicky Christina Barcelona

Penelope Cruz’s character in this film may be erratic and mentally unstable, but boy does she look good in a cordobé¨s hat. The impact that her character has had on the fashion world is evident on the streets today. It is now all too common for women to wear men’s hats with light bohemian style dresses. So go ahead and take a page from her stylebook, but maybe not her guide to relationships.

Susan “ Desperately Seeking Susan

Madonna has inspired generations of women with her music and her outrageous sense of style. In the 80s her character, Susan, inspired many women to mix masculine with feminine by wearing boxy jackets with sheer shirts and layers of clothing and jewelry. And we have been seeing a resurgence of these trends since 2009, which just goes to show the reach of the influence of film on fashion. 

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