A Look at Emma Watson’s Style Evolution

Emma Watson can wear an outfit. And while we don’t see much of the British beauty aside from her red carpet appearances, her style’s only improved with age. So to help you channel Emma Watson’s classic fashion sense, we’re going to take some of her best celebrity fashion outfits and tell you how to make it your own.

1. Lace dress
Emma Watson Lace Dress
Emma’s champagne-toned tea dress is a delicate, lady-like choice thanks to its cinched waist and lace overlay. Worn with minimal jewellery (aside from diamond earrings that work with the shimmer), the dress remains the true focal point of Emma Watson’s celebrity fashion outfit. If you’re hoping to put your own spin on it, remember that an embellished dress works best when not accessorized. And if your hair is long, pull it back to keep eyes on your version of this celebrity fashion outfit.

2. Shirt and skirt
Emma Watson wearing skirt and shirt
Proof that the pencil skirt can be worn almost anywhere, Emma pairs an embellished dress shirt with the black bottom piece, using the skirt’s neutrality to balance her top’s feathers and pleats. Emma was also wise to choose daintier shoes to maintain her ensemble’s feminine, flirty vibe. While traditional pumps would’ve been acceptable, her open-toed shoe keeps her celebrity fashion outfit looking retro and light, working with the simplicity of her belt and allowing her clutch to stand out on its own.

3. One-sleeved sparkle
Emma Watson
Emma Watson glammed up her Late Show appearance with a sparkly one-sleeved dress that she paired with sturdy black heels. The high neckline ensures that she doesn’t create a “club-appropriate” ensemble, making this a playful celebrity fashion outfit. Despite the formality of diamonds and sparkles, Emma’s slicked back hair creates a retro vibe and works to make this celebrity fashion outfit seem more like a cocktail dress than a red carpet look – an ideal choice for the late night circuit.

4. Leather and plaid
Emma Watson in plaid
Contrast is important, and instead of overdoing the ’50s trend, Emma Watson adds some punk rock to create a fresh celebrity fashion outfit. While black works with everything, it also prevents the dress from seeming too girly – especially since her jacket is wrinkled and distressed. If you’re hoping to add an edge to an overly feminine look, borrow from Emma Watson’s celebrity fashion outfit and pair a heavy jacket or combat boots with an A-line skirt in a traditional pattern. Just make sure all pieces are fitted to prevent overshadowing your dress.

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