Lingerie for Your Body Type

For a year and a half I hustled underthings at a well-known lingerie store. It was more than just a retail position, because I saw firsthand, every day what the right underthings can do for a woman, not just her shape, but her confidence. So before you start shopping for your new lingerie I want you to do one thing, get measured, and get measured often. (The store I worked for recommended every six months and in the year and a half I worked there I changed sizes three times so yes, it is that necessary.)  Women come in all shapes and sizes, but here's what I noticed worked the best on different body types.

Athletic ladies

If your curves are a bit more subtle, try on lingerie with bold colours or a few more ruffles across the chest and hips. The colour or the added fabric will draw attention to those areas and create the illusion of curves. If you’re going for a bra, pass over the double push-up bras, which will only create unnatural curves. Opt for a natural look instead, with a lightly padded bra with a deep neckline.  Boyshort panties look great on an athletic body, and it allows just a tiny bit of cheek to peak out of the bottom, creating a sexy curve.

Petite Ladies

I often saw petite ladies try on the class bra and panty set, just skip the garter which might overwhelm your figure. Other great options are short lace teddies or satin slips, since the high cut shows off a lot of leg.

Tall Ladies

If you were blessed with the long legs of a model, own it. Tall women tend to look the best in the traditional bra, panties and garter belt set. This will show off those stems that men find sexy. Stockings with a seam up the back of the leg will draw the eye up and down the leg as well.

Curvy Ladies

If you’re rocking some curves, always accentuate your best assets. Show off your bust in a lightly lined balconette bra that will still support the girls but skips all that padding. Some ladies prefer corsets because this gives them a chance to show off their chest and to create that voluptuous look when it tightens at the waistline. Going in the opposite direction with a teddy or a babydoll works well, as the fabric merely floats over a self-conscious tummy. 

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