Keeping Winter Fashion Stylish

Once the novelty of the first snowfall wears off, the constant darkness and excessive snowfall gets old pretty quick “ and wearing the same coat day in and day out certainly doesn’t help. However, it’s possible to make winter wear interesting with only a few simple steps, so consider this your go-to for days when putting those boots on couldn’t seem worse.

Statement Coats
You’ve probably heard enough about statement pieces and adding embellishments, but rest assured that these terms are used repeatedly for good reason. By investing in a coat with a little personality, you’ll be less likely to mourn the days when you’ve got to cover your outfit with a giant layer “ especially if your winter jacket boasts a loud colour, vintage print or removable fur collar. And like most Canadians we know, you likely have more than one winter coat, so to help keep winter wear interesting, save your statement jacket for days when you’re feeling the most blah.

Make It a Cape
But maybe wearing a winter coat is boring in itself, and maybe for a special occasion, you’d prefer to wear something a little more trendy, a little more unique and a lot more unconventional. Luckily, this winter saw capes worn on the runway in droves, so consider channeling your inner Stevie Nicks and/or ˜60s glamour icon (depending on the style) to help keep your winter wear interesting. True, they may not be suitable for nights of -30-degree windchill, but to work alongside your holiday party attire? Even Grace Kelly would be proud.

Glam Up
We’re all familiar with the winter weather tricks of the trade: scarves, hats, gloves and boots. And while most of us have invested in the staple pieces that work well with everything, picking one accessory to have fun with may help keep your SAD at bay until at least New Year’s Day. Thus, whether through a bulky, knit eternity scarf or fur-embellished vintage gloves, you can dress up (or cozy-ify) your traditional winter ensemble by adding layers or a twist to the classic Canadian uniform. Just remember print hats and patterned pashminas exist for a reason.

Accessorize Unconventionally
We know we just told you to invest in interesting winter-wear to help beef up your seasonal wardrobe, but to make yourself feel less like an extra on Strange Brew, consider donning bracelets and necklaces alongside your scarf, hat and mitts. Your bag is also deserves to be winterized: with embellished, leather and jeweled clutches seen on the runway, you can add a bag to give your outfit a push in the right (interesting) direction, as the combination of classic pieces and a seasonal it-item can help you feel a little less worn down “ and out.

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