July’s Red Carpet Style

Blame it on the blockbuster season, but July saw its share of memorable red carpet style, with Hollywood’s biggest and most fashionable stars embracing all aspects of glamour to breathe new life into hot summer nights. Here are four of our favourites, and why we should all take note.

Look 1: Emma Watson

It’s hard to believe that we’ve watched her evolve into a full-blown fashion authority, but cementing her status as an A-lister to aspire to, Emma Watson used the Harry Potter premiere to channel a combination of classic shapes, luscious fabrics and a modern interpretation of an otherwise traditional aesthetic. Using her short hair and dark makeup to keep a simple neckline interesting, Emma proves that it’s possible to be both young, sophisticated and cutting edge. (Now how do we do it?)

Look 2: Carey Mulligan

Cutout styles are risky, but if you can pair them with a safe piece like a pair of high-rise trousers or in this case an A-line skirt, it’s possible to create an aesthetic that’s both daring and dress code appropriate. By combining bold colours with relatively subtle cutouts, Carey steers attention away from her midriff, succeeding in creating an artistic ensemble over one that’s vying for shock effect only.

Look 3: Emma Stone

True, Emma’s combination of lace, a 60s silhouette and a cinched waist “ combined with an emphasized hipline “ isn’t a look for everybody, but if you’re one with a tall lanky figure, you can also succeed in channeling the 2011 equivalent of 1960-meets-Tim Burton. The lesson to learn? Regardless of event, don’t fear a costume-y cut, and provided you pair it with subtle hair and subtle makeup (like Emma does), it’s easy to let such a dress speak for itself.

Look 4: Jennifer Aniston

Not that anyone should be surprised, but considering Jennifer Aniston’s been a permanent resident of countless best dressed lists for nearly two decades, her choice to embrace a classic silhouette with a shimmery fabric is yet another red carpet achievement. Using a high neckline to create a Jackie O-inspired style, Jennifer plays it safe, but proves that when it comes to over-the-top vs. not, less is overwhelmingly more.

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