Jeggings for Every Style

Despite preliminary predictions, jeggings have become a fashion staple of 2010, with their adaptable nature seemingly suited for every look and personal aesthetic, and their accessibility the answer to the definitive question, what do I wear with this?  Fear not, we have you covered.  Here’s our guide on how to wear jeggings with every style.


If your closet consists of items found at Goodwill and Value Village, believe it or not, jeggings still have a place within your wardrobe. Oxfords and oversize sweaters will balance the sleekness of your bottoms, while high-waisted jeggings are the perfect counterpart to granny blouses meant to tuck in. Paired with lace-up ankle boots or old-fashioned Docs, the essential jeans alternative is adaptable to both alternative and super-vintage aesthetics, maintaining both the attitude and the look you hope to put forth.


If you’re striving to keep ahead of fashion curve, rest assured that despite their lengthy stay, jeggings are still essential to the looks of fall and winter 2010, and paired with a statement jacket, minimalist-inspired blouse or a slew of vintage-inspired jewellery, you’ll still be trendy without looking like a fashion victim. The perfect counterpart to slouchy ankle boots or clogs, you can pair your jeggings with an oversize button-up or leather bomber, especially since they ground outfits that may otherwise be a little too trend-heavy.


While you may be hesitant to invest in a piece that’s been listed as in on the pages of countless blogs and magazines, you can rest assured that while jeggings are a hot commodity, you can still make them part of your classic wardrobe.  Paired with a lengthy cardigan, solid v-neck and an oversize scarf, you’re succeeding in being both casual and chic, while saddle boots, a well-fitted button up or a cashmere pullover provide the perfect look for Friday nights or afternoons out “ especially on days when you’re particularly determined not to be too partial to fashion writers’ dictations.


For those partial to brand names and statement pieces, jeggings are the blank slate to a wardrobe burgeoning with fashion charisma, as the relatively simple bottoms work perfectly with thigh-high boots, classic blazers or embellished tops.  Whether worn with platform loafers, kitten heels or slouchy flats, jeggings succeed in anchoring all things designer as well as eccentric, since the world of high fashion and last chances call for bold looks “ but nothing too out of control.

Punk Rocker

Like Sandy at the close of Grease, jeggings can be the badass alternative to an otherwise classic ensemble, as few things look as striking as an all-black aesthetic complemented by leather and metallic embellishments.  For something accessible, pair high-waisted black jeggings with a solid tank and cap off with a leather jacket “ or for a look that’s more striking than safe, opt for a crop top or vintage vest for the ultimate night on the town.

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