Jacket Weather: The Five Hottest Looks

In only a few months, our bulky winter coats will be cast off in lieu of jackets and spring attire. And while it seems like a lost cause now, to start considering your seasonal jacket investment is the perfect way to remind yourself that the days of windchill and sub-par temperatures are coming to an end. Here are spring 2011’s hottest jacket looks:


If you’ve invested in denim and are worried that its popularity is about to come to close, rest assured that spring 2011 keeps the jean-on-jean trend alive with the likes of cropped denim jackets boasting faded, distressed and even acid washes. The exception? Dark, perfect denim: while jeans themselves can still boast the classic aesthetic, their jacket counterparts demand a little more wear-and-tear.

S - Balmain Denim SS11 300x400

Boyfriend Blazers

Having evolved from the fitted lady-blazers of spring and fall 2010, this season’s variety of boyfriend blazers are more on the Murphy Brown side, showcasing wider cuts, bulkier fits and loose-fitting sleeves. Luckily, you can opt for a brand new vintage-inspired style, or you can drop about $5-10 for a thrifted piece that embodies all aspects of the season’s go-to look. Whether patterned, solid or boasting suede elbows, boyfriend blazers are springtime’s response to winter’s statement sweater.

S - Balmain Blazer SS11 300x400

Part cape, part blanket-sweater, draped jackets offer an effortless answer to pulling an outfit together, as their free-flowing design help to give off a fashion-forward look that’s only increased by their relatively neutral shades and uptown aesthetic. Paired with jeggings and ankle boots, a draped jacket may not offer the warmth of a structured spring coat, but it’s modern qualities are simply enhanced by layering, scarves and accessories.

S - Ports 1961 Drape SS11 300x400

Somewhat vintage, somewhat modern and inherently classic, mac jackets are the middle ground between trenches and peacoats, with their 60s-inspired cuts the perfect way to keep an outfit looking polished. To the knee and available in bold colours, macs channel the vibrancy of the mod era, and with their cinched waists and detailed buttons, boast the English rose feel “ without the abundance of rain and fog.

S - Christian Siriano Mac SS11 300x400

Before you begin having flashbacks of icicles and snow days, rest assured that springtime’s parkas are a lighter answer to their winter counterparts, with a warmer weather-appropriate material substituted for the hardcore layers that make up winter survival in Canada. The antithesis of mac jackets, parkas channel the likes of Daria and the military resurgence while offering the oversize comfort also found in this year’s boyfriend blazers and draped coats. But while you may fear shapelessness and a boxy silhouette, rest assured that paired with fitted pants and ankle boots, parkas are merely the jacket equivalent to an oversize cardigan. 

S - Dior Parka SS11 300x400

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