How to Dress Like an Italian Woman

We’ve written a dozen posts on how to dress like a Parisian, but little has been written about our ladies in Milano. Italian women have their own unique way of dressing. I experienced it while living in Italy in my early twenties. I remember my friends telling me that I dressed “so American!” They loved it, but I didn’t want to stand out like a sore thumb, so I learned how to master the Italian swag.

Here are a few ways to look like you just stepped off the metro in Milan:

1. Splurge on a designer handbag

italian woman handbag fendi

In North America fast fashion rules, leaving our closets overflowing with too many $20 totes. In Italy, it is all about having a few quality pieces. The most important accessory being your handbag. This is where Italian women splurge the most. But, if you live in Italy you are not paying the exorbitant prices we have to pay here. Milan sample sales make New York ones look like child’s play. Also, “made in Italy” is very important. If only we had the same dedication to wearing “local” as our friends in Europe do.

2. If you have no money, steal Nonna’s bag

nonnas bags

Every stylish Italian girl has an even more stylish Nonna. And Nonna is a hoarder and never throws away any of her clothes, ever. So guaranteed there are some seriously amazing finds in her attic. So dig around and don’t be surprised if she has a vintage Prada somewhere in there.

3. Over dress for the weather

italians fur jackets

Italians are pretty much always cold. I remember my aunt was horrified when I wore a t-shirt under my jacket to dinner in October. They love to layer and wear at least two jackets if there is even a slight breeze. For the most part of the year it is very very warm in Italy, but for a few months the temperatures dip low, not as low as Canada of course, and you’ll see everyone decked in furs and Moncler jackets. I have a feeling it has more to do with fashion than actually being cold.

4. Date someone who dresses equally as good as you

hot couple italian

Italian dudes know how to dress. They are born with a natural fashion sense. While living in Italy I was shocked at how many hot guys there were. Everywhere you looked there was a male model bringing you a cappuccino at the cafe or folding clothes at the boutique. But, then I realized it is because Italian men care about how they look. From their grooming to their shoe choice, they are always on point.

5. Have fun with shoes

italian shoes

Italy is known for their shoes. There is a shoe store on every corner stocked full with the latest trends. Anyone who has been to Italy has not left without at least three new pairs of shoes. After all, the country is shaped like a boot! Also note, that if you live in Italy long enough you become a pro at walking on cobblestone streets in stilettos and get the most toned calves of your life while you’re at it.

6. Stay ahead of the trends

italian style (2)

While we are still wearing last year’s culottes, Italians have already moved on to the next thing. They don’t let anything get tired or overdone. They are always reinventing their wardrobe and finding new ways to express themselves. They find a lot of joy in being creative and are not uptight about trying something new.

7. Don’t be afraid of a little colour


Everywhere you go in Italy you will see vibrant art and architecture. Allow your wardrobe to take inspiration from that!

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