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How to Create Your Very Own Jungalow

Last year, we wrote about minimalism and why we could all do with a 'lil less in our lives. This year, we write about perhaps the complete opposite; something that we could all afford a little more of, no matter the lacking your dwelling's square footage. Is it wine? Nah. Is it shoes? Maybe. Is it lots and lots of jungle-esque plant life and plant-centric decor? Absolutely.

Perhaps on the crux of contemporary maximalism is creative consultant, stylist and designer, Justina Blakeney, who is now known for her Jungalow blog, which "celebrates colour, pattern, and plants." Blakeney's design studio, which she and her team fondly refer to as their home, is chock-full of layered textiles, vivid colour, "patternful" pillows and myriad of plant and planter types, all coming together in what can be described as an maximalists dream come true. Inspired by Blakeney, we've rounded up six jungalow-esque finds for anyone wanting to emulate her botanical flare.

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An ensemble of easygoing succulents

And finally, to fulfill the “jungle” part of “jungalow,” we have the actual, living, breathing, plant-life. And while these pre-potted baby succulents from IKEA are not so much jungle as they are desert (/department store), they thrive indoors with infrequent watering, making them perfectly suited for apartment dwellers and planting novices alike.

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