How to Style a Maxi for Your Body Type

Flowing, feminine and practical, maxi skirts have become a staple in both the fall, spring and summer months. With its ability to transition from season to season, and A-listers such as Vanessa Hudgens and Olivia Palmero religiously donning the trendy long skirt, it’s no wonder that finding the perfect maxi skirt or maxi dress for your body type is so important. From petite to tall to slender or voluptuous, the style can suit anybody and if worn right with a little guiding from these style tips, you can start wearing the maxi trend like a pro!

Maxi Skirt Trend Guide for All Body Types

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Petite and Slender to Average Weight
The maxi may appear to be a petite woman’s worst fashion nightmare, but don’t let the lengthy bottom fool you “ you can definitely wear a maxi even if you’re not 5 foot 11. The trick is to find a maxi skirt or maxi dress that isn’t exactly labelled as one. Yes, it seems kind of like a cop-out, but because of your height most knee-length skirts would be perfect on a petite frame and you wouldn’t have to worry about it stopping at your knees. Invest in a pleated knee-length skirt or cotton medium-length skirt to help you get the maxi feel. If you really want to embrace the maxi trend without sacrificing its flowing structure, your best bet is to purchase a regular maxi but in a small size or you can also find a store such as Forever 21 that sells maxi’s for petite sizes. Also, try playing with patterns such as horizontal stripes or a colorful abstract pattern to make you appear slightly taller.

Average and Slender to Curvy
Okay, so average height woman are pretty lucky when it comes to wearing a maxi since the skirt usually perfectly sweeps the ground without touching it, but there are a few ways the average gal can make wearing a maxi look effortlessly chic and that is by details. Ruffles, pleats and ruche waistlines can instantly add flair to a rather simple maxi and can add contours to an average body type. If you have a curvy body, the same rules apply but instead of wearing the skirt right on your hips, find a maxi skirt that sits slightly above your hips so that the focus isn’t on your bottom or your stomach but rather on making a straight clean silhouette on the bottom half that looks proportionately elongated.

Tall and Slender to Voluptuous
Although taller woman often have the benefits of finding well-fitted clothing to wear, some maxi’s can be a hit or miss with the length of the skirt or dress either being just perfect or too short in length. In this case, your best alternative is similar to the petite styling advice and find a clothing store that caters to taller women. If you’re really brave and don’t mind showing a little midriff “ which is another spring and summer 2012 trend “ let your maxi skirt sit right on your hips and pair it with a crop top for a complete look that will complement your body frame. If you’re voluptuous, find a maxi skirt that has a waistband, elastic or non-elastic depending on your preference, and wear it right above your buttocks. The best patterns for the voluptuous body type are any detailed patterns such as floral and the best materials to wear are soft materials such as chiffon or cotton for a comfortable fitting skirt.


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