How Much Sparkle is Too Much?

Christmas seems like the one time of year you can go sparkle crazy and assume that channeling Liberace will only bring you more holiday cheer. However, while all of us would love to embrace our inner glamazon, there’s still too much of a good thing, and it’s easy to slip into the category of ice dancer gone awry. But don’t worry “ we’ve assembled the ultimate sparkles and sequins guide, so your holiday can remain faux-pas free.

Don’t: go makeup overboard
Sheen, shine and a shimmer are one thing, channeling Electric Circus circa 1998 is another. So when going about eye makeup choices, shy away from the 80s-influenced pastels and use sparkles as an accent. You may think that shimmery blues look great with a basic black dress, but there’s a fine line between Dynasty and modernity, and you don’t want to test it out at your office party. Instead, use sparkles at the corner of your eye or slightly underneath “ using only enough to pick up the light and create dimension. There’s no place for Saved by the Bell  here.

Do: dress up
You may think a sequined dress is reserved solely for wedding receptions of the mid-1990s, but larger sequins of the Edie Sedgwick variety channel mod fashion of the 60s and keep you both trendy and classic. To avoid accent overkill, simply opt for a straight-down mini (from stores like H & M), or a flapper-inspired cut that will move along with you. Provided the sequins aren’t small (vintage may be back, but there’s no need to bring back the sparkly hobo bags of the early 2000s), you can get away with a loose-fitting sequined dress with nearly every body type.

Don’t: overkill
This season saw textures and fabrics layer and mix, but despite the multi-dimension of combining leather and fur, sequins and sparkles aren’t meant to go together. If you’re rocking a sequined top, shy away from a sparkle-encrusted bag or any other shiny accessory. It’s easy to excuse fashion faux pas in hopes of looking festive, but going overboard will only serve to make you stand out in the wrong way. However, by donning sequins and leather pants or black jeggings and a sequined top, you’re still creating interest without going overboard.

Do: accent
If a sequined ensemble isn’t your thing, you can still capitalize on the ultimate holiday go-to without changing your wardrobe or adopting full-body sheen. A clutch, hair clip or embellished headband will still send the same festive message, but you’re free from worrying about dresses and coat pairings or whether your scarf will catch on your shirt. Nail polish also works “ as long as you’re prepared for the inevitable 90s references, there’s nothing wrong with embracing the nails of Blossom, Sabrina or a 70s disco queen. 

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