How to Dress for St. Patrick’s Day (Depending on How Festive You Want to Get)

Like Valentine's day (sweet and romantic vs. commercialized day of hell) and Halloween (fun night of candy and costumes vs. cheesy and annoying), everyone has an opinion about St. Patrick's Day. Is it a fun day of debauchery and a celebration of Irish culture, or an excuse for people to get sloppy and loud? Whether you've counted down the days to this year's St. Patrick's celebration, or you're being dragged out to a crowded bar against your will, or fall somewhere in between, here are a few outfits and accessories that will make the day (and night!) a lot more fun.

Enthusiasm Level: 8-10

You’ve obviously waited all year for St. Patrick’s day, and why not? You don’t get have many excuses to get day drunk, so when St. Paddy’s rolls around you’re all over it! The occasion calls for your brightest green clothing, so go all out with Joe Fresh jeans and a cropped knit sweater from Forever 21. The night before, apply some serious DIY nail art with Nails Inc “Bling It On” kit in Emerald, ensuring all eyes will be on you as you clutch your green beer! Match those jewel-encrusted nails with some glittery temp tats, available at your local St. Patrick’s Day Accessories Mecca (also known as Dollarama). If you really want to show your Irish pride, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tar in Power Plant is a metallic emerald green that won’t budge, no matter how many hotties in “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts you happen upon.

Enthusiasm Level: 5-7

St. Patrick’s Day is super fun, and you’re always down for a theme party. Maybe you have to work this year on March 17, or maybe you don’t like spending money on clothes you don’t feel like you’ll reuse. The answer is simple: invest in pieces that pay homage to the holiday, but you won’t feel weird about wearing again. This breezy circle skirt from American Apparel will look super cute throughout the rest of the spring and summer, and you probably would have bought this lace ASOS shirt for a summer music festival, anyway. Or, dress up a neutral outfit with inexpensive green tights. Add some last minute green to your get-up with mint green hair chalk like this one from Bumble and Bumble, or a chic chartreuse cat-eye with Urban Decay’s eyeliner in Freak.

Enthusiasm Level: 1-4

Either your St. Paddy’s-loving friends are dragging you out against your will, or the colour green really does not work with your skin tone. Or maybe you just hate fun. Legend has it, if you go out in public on St. Patrick’s day without wearing a stitch of green, people are allowed to pinch you! And that will just make you feel worse.  Blend in with the crowd by wearing a basic green top in a shade that flatters you, or a dress with green details that you’ll want to wear again, like this ASOS sweatshirt dress. Forever 21 is your best bet for  a super inexpensive accessory, like a scarf or toque, that you won’t mind losing if the night gets too crazy. Finally, there’s no shame in going for the bare minimum amount of green by simply painting your nails. This pistachio gelato hue by Deborah Lippman will work for Saint Patrick’s day as well as the rest of spring and summer.


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