How to Choose a Bridesmaid Dress

Brides always want to be the centre of attention on their big day. Sometimes that can come at the cost of their bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are your friends and their dresses should compliment the theme of your wedding and your dress. They should NOT look so bad you look great in comparison.

Finding a style that will work with all your bridesmaids’ body types can be a challenge, but by following these trends you should be able to please your bridal party and yourself.


Think carefully about the colour choice of your dresses. Is it so bright and loud it will detract from the ceremony? Will it go with the rest of your decor? Will it look good with the skin tones of all of your bridesmaids? Your safest bet is to pick a colour in a subdued jewel tone since almost everyone looks good in those colours! It doesn’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) match your decor exactly, but it should compliment the overall look and feel of the wedding. If it’s a formal event stick with darker, traditional colours. If it’s a simple, more casual wedding go with light colours that won’t wash out paler bridesmaids.

Avoid black, since it’s not a funeral and many of your guests will probably be wearing it anyways (unless you have really fashionable guests). Avoid all shiny, satin-like fabrics (so last decade) and stick to more natural, classy materials.

Check out J.Crew’s Silk Chiffon Arabelle Dress, available in a wide variety of beautiful shades, $225. Available at J.Crew or

S - J.Crew Bridesmaid Dress 300x400


There are several styles of dress that will work for everyone. A-line cuts at the knee are universally flattering. Unless everyone in your party has a small bust and Madonna arms try to avoid strapless gowns, which will case unnecessary tugging through the ceremony and reception. No wardrobe malfunctions please!

If you actually want to give your bridesmaid’s a dress they can wear again don’t get anything too ornate and poofy. Long dresses give a formal look to your wedding but probably can’t be worn again by your bridesmaids and may look overwhelming on shorter girls. If all else fails you could always select a fabric and allow your bridesmaid’s to choose their own style, so long as they are relatively similar in design and length.

You can look at current dress trends to see what’s but classic, simple shapes are definitely making a comeback.

Try BHLDN’s Beribboned Dress for a figure-flattering look for all, $200. Available at 

S - BHLDN Dress 300x400


If you’re going with a simple dress design consider using bolder jewellery to make your bridesmaids look modern. Buying jewellery can make a nice present for the bridal party and won’t leave you worrying about what your bridesmaid’s will show up in. Take a look at current jewelry trends, but remember that the pictures are forever. Going with something classic will always look timeless and last your bridesmaids a long time.

Can you really go wrong with Tiffany’s? Accessorize with their Sterling Silver Bow Pendant, $150. Available at Tiffany & Co. 

S - Tiffany Bow Pendant 300x400


Shoes can generally be the choice of your bridesmaid’s so try to pick a colour or style everyone has. If that doesn’t work out, consider a neutral pair of kitten heals your bridesmaid’s can wear again (and will be okay to dance the night away in). Keep it closed toed for a formal affair or open toed or sandal-like if it’s more casual.

Top off your ensemble with Aldo’s Abadi Peep-Toe Pumps in Bone, $80. Available at Aldo Shoes.

S - Aldo Abadi Pumps 300x400 

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