Holiday Dressing Minus the Dress

Like most people, the thought of the upcoming holidays rings bells of panic. How will I afford gifts? What will I serve when hosting? And one of the most difficult dilemmas, what will I wear? With so many events to attend, and so much social media to document it all, it’s important not only to appear presentable but also retain some individuality in your outfit of choice. The last thing you want when going to your holiday parties is to look as cookie-cutter as the sweets table. This means stepping out of your dress comfort zone. Sure dresses can be a great choice, but if you really want to fire up your style game for the holidays we recommend trying some more alternative style schemes.

Saccharine suits

Taking you to and from the office, this two-piece is a chic and suitable option for after five. To add party-worthy personality, play with different dimensions. For instance, colour can modify your suit from standard to a soiré©e statement. Try sugary shades like bubblegum pink or pale blue—all the sweet without the calories. If colour makes you uncomfortable try playing with proportion, like oversized blazers or wide-leg pants.

Statement skirts

It’s the season of the statement skirt. No longer are the days of basic black and super simplicity, the holidays are looking for something with a little more spirit. Opt for skirts that have an air of festivity, like sequins and sparkles or gold, silver and red colourways.

Jumpers of joy

Jumpers are polarizing. People either obsess over their greatness or bad-talk those wearing them. We fall somewhere in the middle. Only in the height of summer and the depths of winter do we believe it is appropriate to wear them. Because the silhouette of these one-pieces is so statement making, try and keep them minimally adorned—this is often where we see jumpers gone wrong. Don’t put your efforts in finding a flashy one, but rather spend your time looking for good tailoring and clean lines.

Culottes for the cool

Still very much present, this classic garment is a clever choice for your daytime holiday gatherings. If you’re housed on the west coast, the midi-length with bare legs may be enough to keep you warm. However, if you’re in the rest of the country, you may need to make sure you either have them in wool or heavy cotton. If you’re still feeling chilly pair them with above-the-ankle silky socks and a strappy heel or platform. 


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