Gifts That Give Back

The holiday season is one about generosity and selflessness, and what better way to show somebody you care than to embrace the simple values that make up the Christmas spirit? That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the gifts that give back: great items that will make everyone smile “ and not just the people crossed off your shopping list.

Holt Renfrew’s Canada Goose toque
In support of Polar Bears International, Holt Ronfrew has teamed up with Canada Goose to bring shoppers the exclusive fleece and merino wool toque that lives up to the Canadian company’s perfect for winter reputation. With two thirds of the $50 price tag going towards the non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of polar bear habitats, few holiday gifts seem so suitable.

Holt Renfrew's Canada Goose toque

LUSH Charity Pot
A company dedicated to great skin and to maintaining a great environmental and grassroots presence, the animal-friendly organization has re-introduced the LUSH Charity Pot ($20.95), the hand and body lotion that sees all proceeds going towards small charities around the world. With a focus on eco awareness, animal protection and human rights, it’s safe to say that the spirit of giving has never seemed so embraced.

Lush Charity Pot

TOMS Shoes
Few things beat the combination of fashion and social consciousness, and in the case of TOMS footwear, you not only give your friend a gift, but a child of a developing country a pair of shoes as well. With prices starting at $44, TOMS adaptable aesthetic and comfortable feel are the ultimate indoor solution to the winter boot alternative, and you can sleep better knowing that because of your gift, a child will not be shoeless for long.

TOMS shoes

Roots Global Warming Bracelet
Canada’s Roots is by far the leather go-to of North America, so it’s only appropriate that they took a stance against global warming by embroidering the crucial “Stop Global Warming” message on their 100% recycled scrap leather bracelet. Priced at only $5, every cent of the purchase price goes to the Stop Global Warming foundation, or you can opt for a “Help Haiti” bracelet whose donations go to the Canadian Red Cross. Consider your stocking stuffers covered.

Roots Global Warming bracelet

Soft Hands Kind Heart (The Body Shop)
The holiday season is a time of love and laughter, and what better way to spread that message than to help The Body Shop in their campaign to Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People. Having introduced the sweet-smelling Soft Hands Kind Heart Cream ($10) last year, the movement has raised over one million pounds for charity (donations in Canada are made to ECPAT) thus far, and makes for the perfect add-on to someone’s Secret Santa gift.

Body Shop's Soft Hands Kind Heart

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