Get Playful with Pastels

Although it doesn’t look like spring yet outside, the season is definitely on our winter-weary minds these days. So, why not make it spring in your closet? Add pretty pizzazz to your outerwear by adding some pastels and turn your wintry wardrobe in a springtime sensation. Don’t go overboard though: a little too much pastel could make you look like an Easter egg!

Here’s how to add some playful pastels to your outfit, without giving yourself (or others) a sugar overdose:

Pink lace peplum

Jessica Lace Peplum Top, $34.99 at Sears

A peplum top is a great way to detract from the spare tire we have accumulated around our hips from winter. A pastel lace adds a pretty and romantic flavor to an otherwise conservative style. For a more casual look, add a denim piece into the outfit.
Pair with: Solid coloured blue jeans and a brown accessory, like a belt, a handbag or a bracelet.

Pastel purse

Heys Satchels, $69 each at Sears

A pastel accessory adds a soft, girly kick and livens up your outfit. A great colour because blue as an accessory goes with almost anything, and is understated.
Pair with: A white dress or jeans and a chocolate brown or grey coloured top.

Pastel yellow dress

Jessica dress, $29.99 at Sears

Pastel in yellow is delicious, but since it is such a large part of your outfit, you definitely want to stick to neutrals and keep the rest of the outfit basic so you don’t detract from your eye-catching dress.
Pair with: A  white cardigan or denim jacket and biege wedges.

Pastel green jacket

Jessica Mac Jacket, $40 at Sears

As with a dress, a jacket also is a large piece. So stick to neutrals and solid colours (and denim for casual) for most of the rest  of your outfit. Don’t worry about accessorizing though-you can afford to add some little accessories as your finishing touch.
Pair with:  Beige dress pants, or white jeans, and pale blue or turquoise blouse.

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