Fur? Faux sure!

Everyone knows that wearing real fur is icky, but there’s no harm in faking it this season by going faux. Here’s a look at how to wear this warm winter look.

Faux Jackets
Don’t end up like Cruella Deville this year. Instead, invest in a funky faux fur jacket to keep you feeling snuggly and stylish. To avoid looking like the Disney diva, don’t go overboard with outrageous colors or embellishments. A faux fur coat can very quickly shift from classy to, well, Cruella. If you’re looking for coats that have an eye-catching color, maybe stick with the fauxness being on the trim. If you’re looking for an all-out faux jacket, be wary of the color. If you’re the sporty type, you’re in luck! Puffy tube coats are back in”except now with a touch of faux to foxy them up.

Faux Vests
This is trend that just won’t quit. In summer we saw the return of the jean vest, during fall, we embraced our inner badass with pleather vests and studs, and now, we are keeping warm with faux fur vests¦can you say winter rockstar? Hot faux colors include tan and solid dark hues”like DKNY’s Faux Fur Vest in black. Perfect for a crisp winter day”pair with a killer boots a cute jersey shirt and a chunky belt and you’re ready to face the Christmas crowds.

Faux Add-ons
Wallet looking a little weak this winter? No problem! You can upgrade last year’s winter coat by buying a simple add on “ a faux fur collar, neck wrap, lapel or snood (yes, there is such a thing). The best thing about these cosy finishers is that they come in a variety of colors and styles, and have a high-impact on your outfit. If you already invested in a chic winter coat, try a faux add-on to your sweater to start off a cute outfit.

Want to get noticed this winter? Have an obsession with outlandish trends? Try out some out-of-the ordinary faux accessories, like fuchsia faux fur earmuffs, or an out-there lapis colored faux fur trapper hat. People will be talking up your trend so much your ears will be burning¦just not from the cold.

The number one tip for rocking faux this holiday season is confidence– nobody wants to see a shy girl in a fabulous faux! 

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