Feminist-Approved Halloween Costumes

Let’s be serious ladies, the pressure to make everything shorter and tighter and sexier every Halloween has just gotten to be a bit too much for us. So why not take this year to celebrate all the women who made us proud to be just that¦and did it without wearing platform stilettos and letting our butt cheeks hang out.

Rosie the Riveter

rosie the rivete

Rosie wasn’t just a cultural icon for American women, she was a cultural icon for all women during World War II. The red bandana-wearing beauty represented not only the women who worked in the factories during the war but her stance was a true and long-lasting image of the strength of women.

Katniss Everdeen

katniss halloween

Because who needs boys when you’ve got a bow and arrow on your back? And who doesn’t want to wear combat boots and a leather jacket this Halloween? Top it off with one totally sick braid and you’ve got one of the most fierce, female characters covered this Halloween. Bonus points if you can whistle louder than any dude at the party.

Abbi & Ilana from Broad City

broad city cotujmes

Sure they might not be the best role models in the world, but Abbi and Ilana, the loud-mouthed, quick-witted besties from this hit TV series are definitely some of the most hilarious advocates for sexual positivity and burst female stereotypes. Even better, their costumes are totally already stuff that is already in your closet.

Hilary Clinton

hilary clinton

No matter whether you’re American or not, there is no denying that Hilary Clinton isn’t a total bad a**.  Like let’s be serious “ she’s potentially going to be the first female president of the USA¦ doesn’t get much more girl power than that. To channel Hilary, think pantsuit, pearls, sunglasses and an old Blackberry, and you got this one covered.

Amelia Earhart


Not only did Amelia Earhart basically give a huge middle finger to all the men of the world believed that women couldn’t be pilots in the 1920s, but she went above and beyond by proving that she was damn good at doing so. A bomber jacket, goggles, leather gloves, and a white scarf are really all you need to fly off with this one.

The Paper Bag Princess

paperbag princess

Because sometimes a girl just needs to slay a dragon and save the damn prince herself, right? This young princess was an icon for the women who grew up in the 1980’s and thankfully this costume is also super easy”and super cheap”to pull off.



Because, duh. It’s Beyonce. She’s basically the best way to balance sexy and fiercely feminist at once. Plus she’s got so many awesome Halloween looks we couldn’t even pick just one.

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