Fashion Trends for 2012

Sure, it may seem a little early to start talking about spring and summer, but once the novelty of layering wears off, we’ll be pining for florals, tank tops and open-toed shoes. But because it’s out of the question to abandon your winter wear for warm weather attire, we’ve rounded up the fashion trends for 2012 that you can begin wearing now. (Just remember we didn’t “ and will never “ advocate the buying of flip-flops.)


If you’ve already picked up a pair of leather pants, shorts or a skirt, congratulations “ you’re ahead of the game. One of the biggest fashion trends for 2012, leather was spotted during Berlin Fashion Week and in Alexander Wang’s collection, and considering it’s a heavier fabric, you can essentially start wearing it yesterday. However, to keep your leather looking autumn and winter-appropriate, substitute a sheer button-up for a sweater or a blouse worn with an oversize cardigan. And if you’re still not willing to say goodbye to shorts, bring this fashion trend for 2012 back into 2011 with tights worn underneath and ankle wedge boots.

Classic Silhouettes

It’s almost funny to think that a few years ago, to take a page out of the 1960s was a novelty or even slightly overwhelming. But thanks to spring collections by Karen Walker and Love Richard Chai, the classic lines and styles of the now-most accessible era are back again, making vintage influence yet another heavy-hitter in terms of fashion trends for 2012. However, don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to A-line skirts: by combining leather with defined waists and Jackie O style-dresses, you can channel two fashion trends for 2012 just like Proenza Schouler or Peter Som.

The 1920s

Don’t say that you’re not excited to see this: with Boardwalk Empire branded the new Mad Men (read: television show with serious fashion relevancy), you can dip into the prohibition era with ankle-length skirts, silhouette-less dresses and flapper’s hats. Showcased by designers like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren, Americana has a whole new meaning as these fashion trends for 2012 channel an era defined by change and evolution. (A commentary on our own decade, perhaps?) Just remember that if you’re getting set to channel the glamor of nearly a century back, make it winter appropriate “ that means tights, longer or heavier skirts, and for heaven’s sake, jackets.

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