The Fashion Lessons I Learned at SXSW

Welcome to SXSW, where the brightest (and coolest) minds in interactive, film and music descend on Austin, TX each year.

But let everyone else talk about what’s next in social media, or round up the next hot buzz bands: we’re going to talk about what we saw in the unofficial fourth focus of SXSW: style. (Disclaimer: That’s not me at left. But it’s a cute outfit!)

Jorts Redux
When they’re selling jorts at Target, it’s officially over. So how do you resurrect something so, totally dead? Pull those cutoffs out of the trash and layer them over black tights or hose. Yeah, hose. Tuck in a baggy blouse with a peter pan collar and add some plain jane flats and you’ve got yourself the perfect combination of Amish-Skater-Sexy.

Stay Pasty
Forget about self tanner, fake baking or the sun itself. Play up your paleness with cool grays or icy whites, whether its a boxy camisole or a muscle shirt. High SPF required.

As your mother always told you, less is more. Pare down your boho collection of necklaces and bangles in favor of simple, delicate chain necklaces, a plain band on your middle finger, and some subtle stud earrings.

Toss out your wayfarers and replace them with Persols or aviators of the unironic variety.

Keep your lips bright red and matte, and the rest of your face clean and fresh. Screw what the trends say, it’s a classic for a reason.

You know what’s uncool? Trying too hard. What’s trying too hard? Blowdrying, styling and coloring, for starters. Keep it long, loose and wild.

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