Fall Date Outfit Ideas

Your closet is full, but you still have nothing to wear? We’ve been there! Sometimes it is hard to choose the perfect look without a little help. If you are having trouble picking out an outfit for your next date, don’t worry. Here are some date outfit ideas that will keep you warm this fall, while still looking cute:


Avoid jackets or coats that add too much volume. You want him to see your sexy curves while still keeping covered up. Look for structure that flatters your best assets.


For fall you’ll want to layer your skirt over a pair of tights. Stay away from printed tights; keep it simple with black, sheer or a flattering colour like navy or burgundy. Skirts come in all lengths; wear what suits you best in fall’s top trends: tweed, plaid and leather.


When it comes to choosing the perfect dress, think about one area you want to show off. Whether it is backless dress or a slit cut high on your thigh, decide on one (Only one! Otherwise it will look like you are trying to hard) body part to highlight.


Keep your top fun and flirty, but remember not too distract him too much from your great personality (in other words, don’t overwhelm him with cleavage!). We love a top with a pop of colour and a great fit.


Sneakers aren’t an ideal date shoe, unless you’ve got an athletic activity planned. Neither are super high heels that you can’t walk in. Keep it comfortable, but still feminine. Here are some choices:


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance,” said Coco Chanel. So when you are piling on the bracelets and necklaces before your date, realize that too much of anything is not good. Pearl earrings, dainty bracelets or pendant necklaces add a little sparkle without going overboard.


You don’t need to bring your entire toiletry bag to a date. Keep it small and compact. A clutch is a perfect choice! 

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