Fall 2014 Fashion Faux Pas

A faux pas is an occurrence or act that is socially awkward or tactless. A fashion faux pas (FFP) specifically denotes outfits or garments that behave in an ungraceful manner. Some FFPs are unmistakable—take visible panty lines or an unzipped pant fly—while others are more disguised within society. What makes things even more complicated, is that each season or wave of fashion offers a new set of FFPs.

For fall, we’ve produced a list of styles that are no longer in our fashion-forward books. We’re certainly not saying that they’ll be there forever; however, for now, we’re keeping our distance.

1. Leather pants

For starters, animal-based garments have been making an exit for quite some time. Even high-end designers like Stella McCartney believe utilizing animals for fashion is completely unreasonable and uncool in this day and age. Not only are leather pants politically passé©, they’re also aesthetically out of touch. They’re tough to squeeze in, stiff once finally sported and flashy by nature. With the industry reaching a place where minimal, comfortable pieces are the most wanted, leather pants are feeling flat.

2. Ombré©

We’re sad to see this one go. It was a favourite for so many reasons. Firstly, it worked for a girl on a budget—no need to touch up roots. Secondly, it wasn’t time-intensive or damaging like so many other hair trends. Lastly, it grew out easily, again unlike so many other styles—cue the shaved head. If you’re not ready to say bye-bye to this hairdo, try a soft, integrated ombré©; one that is not as sharp as the typical. Stay with similar shades to your roots and you may discover the perfect balance of then and now.

3. Pointy nail tips

Thank fashion icons like Rihanna for this beaut. This look became so big that there was a time when asking for square or circle tips at the salon was poor form. Today, the severe tip is loosing its edge. While it’s fun and dramatic, it’s often too loud for day-to-day activities.

4. Pastel Lips

Creamy oranges and pale pinks used to coat the lips of the most stylish; now, not so much. Perhaps it’s a result of oversaturation or maybe they’re starting to wash out skin colour during the cooler months; either way, its pique has passed.

5. Polka Dots

Poor polka dots continue to reside on our not-so-chic side. Our aversion is because we had such a resurgence of them not too long ago (Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 RTW) and ‘50s fashion—a time rich of the pretty pattern—is far from relevant at the moment. Of course sporting the FFP won’t ruin your reputation but it’s critical to be aware of its lack of lust.

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