Dressing a Petite, But Plus-Sized Figure

Being plus-sized and short doesn’t mean saying no when it comes to some fashion trends. Dressing for a more voluptuous figure requires making proper fashion choices. Testing styles, fabrics and overall looks is a must in order to create good fashion sense for a petite, plus-size body.

Patterns and Prints
When you are plus sized you want to choose colors, patterns, and shapes that flatter your body shape. In general choosing solid colors from the waist down for pants and skirts works well. Plus size petites should stay away from large patterns in this area, if you choose a floral dress choose a smaller print. Oversized patterns can make you look shorter and may not be as flattering to your figure. If you want to draw attention to your face be sure to choose lighter colors and smaller prints for shirts. Lighter colors on top and darker colors on bottom will make you appear taller.

Elongate Your Figure
A V-neck shirt or dress can help elongate your figure and give you a shape that helps you look slimmer overall. A slightly longer skirt with heels can create the look of height. Don’t forget to add a wedge or heel shoe to your outfits, a reasonable height heel will make you look taller and provide a longer, leaner silhouette. A dress in one color can help make you look taller.

Pant Shapes for Petites
When it comes to petite height go for straight legs in pants. Skinny jeans can make you look heavier and shorten the look of your legs, something to avoid. Bell bottoms and flares can make you look shorter, not taller. The longer line of straight legs helps to create the illusion you are taller. 

When using accessories be careful about large, chunky jewelry and purses. Match the size of your accessories to your outfit, staying with medium or small jewelry. A medium or small sized purse is going to match better than using an oversized purse which may look out of place with a shorter body. 

Take Advantage Of Sales
Put aside some extra spending money so you can purchase what you need when you find it. Once you have found the styles and shapes you look best in for a petite plus size figure, find stores that carry what you are looking for and watch for sales. If you find a number of items that fit well and can be used long term in your wardrobe, buy them now. Consider the cost of alterations for special clothing items you love that don’t fit exactly right. An alteration by a professional can turn those longer pants or sleeves into the right length for your height. 


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