DIY Wedding Centrepieces

It's shocking how wedding costs can add up, and with so many young couples footing their own bill, cost cutting is more important than ever. One of the surprising high costs of weddings are centrepieces. Often something thought of last, after everything else is booked, centrepieces can cost you up to $500 a table. Even if you have 5 tables, that's still up to $2500 coming out of nowhere. DIYing your centrepieces is a fun way to cut costs, and involve your bridesmaids (or groom!) in the process.

Candles and glass

Candles Centerpiece Wedding Idea

This idea is great as it's perfectly versatile and useable for any style of wedding, be it an intimate, tiny farm wedding, or a massive 500-guest function at the Crowne Plaza. Depending on the intricacy or size of the DIY project, you can make whatever statement you want. Tall, cylindrical glasses can be filled with water, a floating candle placed on top, and an assortment of these can be placed in a glass hurricane. Alternatively, tie burlap around the mouths of mason jars, fill with water, and drop a floating candle in. Glass pebbles at the base of the jar can be in your theme colours, tying the whole thing together.

Summer freshness

Spring and Summer Wedding Centerpieces

Citrus has been a centrepiece trend for a few seasons now, and is especially appropriate for spring and summer weddings. A glass hurricane filled with an assortment of lemons and limes offers eye candy and a beautiful fresh scent to fill your venue and entice your guests.

Keeping with the theme of fresh, beautifully smelling centrepieces, why not try incorporating lavender and other fresh herbs? Potted herbs are an interesting ode to the warmer months, not to mention beautifully understated. Thyme, Sage, and Rosemary are all classic options that smell delicious. Fresh lavender sprigs can be arranged in glass jars, or incorporated to compliment fresh wildflower arrangements.

Wooden wishes

Wooden Branch Centerpiece

Find as many big branches as you have tables, and get to work on your tree centrepiece. Make sure the wood is totally dry, and either sand and spray paint it, or leave it organic and rustic looking. Taking glass jars big enough to accommodate most of the truck, place the branch inside and secure by filling all the space around with your choice of pebbles, stones, or glass marbles. Arrange some delicate flowers at the top of the jar, and get to work hanging decorations off the branches. Drape crystal chains over the branches, thread some fresh or fake flowers and hang them with fishing wire. Involve your guests by leaving leaf shaped tags on each table and pens available, inviting them to jot down a note in the form of a wish, or memory and hang it from the tree.

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