Cute Workout Gear for the Gym

If you’re one of the millions of women who have pledged to tone-up in 2011, but have yet to lug yourself into a gym, updating your workout wardrobe can seriously motivate you to get your butt into gear and look good doing so.

Think about it: sloppy tees and shorts/pants that you dragged off the floor, resemble an outfit that is more of an afterthought, whereas neither you nor your health should be.

By simply updating your gym bag with modern, stylish apparel, you’ll feel more apt to frequent the gym and stick to your fitness regimen. Besides, you never know when that cutie on the treadmill will spark up a flirty exchange.

Sports Bra

To get started, you’ll undoubtedly need a very good sports bra. Look for one based on your cup size and/or activity level; if you’re large chested, often a bra with separate, molded cups and underwire provides more support, while average busts can get away without underwire as long as the bra features a thick support band. Also remember to choose breathable fabrics, such as microfiber, which will wick away moisture and sweat.

Workout shorts/pants

Choosing a workout bottom often depends on activity just as much as it does on personal preference. For instance, if you’re a runner, you may prefer the freedom a lightweight running short provides you, while a cropped legging or yoga pant is perfect for light weightlifting, or elliptical and/or treadmill training. And, if you feel like you’ve got a little too much jiggle going on, there are many new products that feature control-panels, which smooth away any unsightly lumps and bumps!


As for tops, choose something again for activity level and/or function. If you’re busty, often a sports bra paired underneath a compression tank offers extra support, or, you can choose to solely wear a workout tank with a built-in sports bra should it provide ample support. Also keep in mind how you workout; if you cannot break a sweat without a upbeat tempo pumping into your ears, look for products with pockets that can hold an MP3 player. Lightweight nylon jackets with loads of pockets are also imperative if you’re a walker or runner, so you’re able to store keys, ID and some cash.


Lastly, don’t forget your footwear! Yes, sometimes it’s too easy to get carried away with the myriad of colourful sneaker options, but have a sales clerk assess you walk and squat to choose the best footwear for your feet. After all, a bad pair of shoes can cause serious injury, putting an end to your fitness goal.

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