Building Your Work Wardrobe

For the up and coming young professional, pulling together a work wardrobe takes time. First of all, you don’t have the money to buy that beautiful silk blazer that will go with anything. And those pumps that are both comfortable and stylish would be a great addition, if they didn’t cost you a whole pay check. Money aside, there is also the small matter of how you come off to your boss, co-workers and peers. Finding the balance of young and fresh, and mature and trustworthy takes time. With a few simple pieces to get you started, you will soon be the best dressed at the office. Adding your own flare will come naturally once you have these starting looks.

All-purpose white shirt: 
You can’t go wrong with a white, feminine, well-fitted white linen shirt. It could be a simple button-up, or maybe have bows instead of buttons. It could have a few ruffles or sparkles to make it unique. Whatever it comes with, make sure it is not too low cut, doesn’t pull on your girls, and is long enough to cover that bit of tummy- always choose coverage over style¦if it doesn’t fit the way it should, don’t risk it.

Perfect pencil skirt:
Wearing dress pants day-in and day-out can begin to make you feel a bit frumpy. So, flaunt your figure in a professional way with a perfectly tailored pencil skirt. A dark blue, black, grey or charcoal skirt can be paired with a more flashy shirt and blazer. Don’t think that the tighter it is, the better. Show off your curves, but not to the point of being uncomfortable!

Kitten heels in every colour:
Shoes can sometimes be some of the most expensive pieces in a girls wardrobe. When starting off your shoe repitore for work, don’t immediately go for height. Kitten heels in different patterns and colours can be a girls best friend after eight hours on your feet. The small heel will give you the style you crave, but won’t cause you the same discomfort as stilettoes.

Go-to blazers:
A lot of women think of manly shoulders and figure-hiding threads when they think of blazers. With the right fit for your waist and figure, and no puffy shoulder pads, blazers can be the perfect investment that will add to your work wardrobe for any season. Play it up with a scarf in the fall and winter and throw it overtop a lacey tank top in the summer. This piece can be used as the anchor of your whole outfit. 

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