Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Gift giving is fun, but finding the perfect present can be difficult. Will she like it? Is it special enough? When buying a birthday gift for my mom or best friend, I try to find something that represents our relationship. This isn’t always easy, because not every scarf, handbag or t-shirt will have that sentimental value. But, there is one item that is simple to personalize in that special way, and that’s jewelry. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune either; one of my go-to shops, Peoples, The Diamond Store, has a huge selection at every price point so you’re sure to find something in your budget. To our friends in the US, we recommend taking your search to Zales, to find the same great deals.

To help you choose that extra special gift, I’ve narrowed your search down to a few of my favourite accessory trends.

Personalize it

Show her you’ve put time and thought into her gift by personalizing a piece of jewelry. Whether it is her initials or the title to her favourite song, there are many ways to turn a necklace, ring or bracelet into something completely unique. There is no limit to how creative you can get. Did your friend or sister recently have a baby? Incorporate their child’s name or birth date. Do you have siblings? Gift your mom a necklace or bracelet with each of your initials as charms.  

We love: Personalized Disc Pendant with Birthstone Baby Ring in Sterling Silver

Birthday birthstones

There is no more appropriate gift than a birthstone on a birthday. I love this trend because it is a more subtle way of personalizing your jewelry. My best friend and I are both born in October, so a perfect gift would be matching bracelets with our birthstones. It’s my grown-up version of the friendship bracelet. Plus, I am a huge fan of arm candy – the more, the better! If bracelets aren’t your thing, you can add a birthstone to any ring, set of earrings or necklace. 

We love: 3.5mm Princess-Cut Rose de France and Purple Amethyst Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Candy-coloured diamonds

Add a pop of colour to your bling. Pink, blue, champagne, yellow, are just a few of the delicious colours available in Peoples & Zales’ Candy Coloured Diamonds and Gemstones collection. This trend screams high-fashion and is perfect for your friend or relative who likes to be on top of the latest trends. My personal favourite? A champagne diamond ring in rose gold, simple and sexy. 

We love: 0.49 CT. T.W. Champagne and White Diamond Cluster Frame Ring in 10K Rose Gold

For more tips on finding the perfect birthday gift for her, watch me and Katrina Szish narrow down our favourite picks:

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