The Best Fashion Accessory Trends for Fall 2011

We know that the quickest and most efficient way to amp up your autumn wardrobe is to head to the accessory rack and load up on goods. But as fashion would have it, certain accessories that defined last year’s landscape have fallen by the wayside, never to be seen again. So before you load up on trends that we once thought were staples, let’s look at which accessories to take with you into fall 2011.

Accessory: Fur

Take it or leave it: Surprise, surprise “ another fall and winter will be defined by fur. And just like last year, autumn 2011 sees it in droves: embellishing shoes, worn on scarves, and adorning bags and necklace. This season, fur even finds itself on hats, going hand-in-hand with Marc Jacob’s 1960s aesthetic (that we should probably just begin to brand as overtly 2011).

Accessory: Camouflage

Take it or leave it: For the first time in eons, it’s time to take a breather from the army influence, and get your hardened vibe through metallics, chains, and industrial-inspired embellishments. Of course, if you manage to mix and match, you can take your army green bag into 2011: just make sure the it’s got a chain strap, a hint of python or can be worn as a clutch “ another approach to the bag style of the season.

Accessory: Oversized rings

Take it or leave it: If you spent last year’s accessories budget on an overload of finger-oriented jewelry, breath a sigh of relief “ they’re sticking around. Going hand-in-hand (all puns intended) with the layering and texture-heavy themes of fall 2011, mixing and matching rings of all shapes, sizes and styles is still the ideal way to add substance to a basic outfit.

Accessory: Bangles

Take it or leave it: It’s time to make like the musical group and, well “ you get the idea. While watches, chains, and even old-fashioned friendship bracelets are the accessories du jour, big bulky bangles have no real place on your wrist. The only exception is if they’ve got texture, boasting the likes of beads, feathers or even fur. Though if you’re going to commit to such a standout style, stick to only one bracelet at a time: while last year saw enough bangles to take up an arm, 2011 calls for something a little more grown-up.


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