Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Mejuri Jewelry

Minimalism is everywhere — especially when it comes to jewelry. One brand that everyone is obsessed with right now is Mejuri, which is known for providing stunning minimalist pieces without breaking the bank. The Toronto-based fine jewelry brand provides exceptionally simple pieces like thin gold bands, hoop earrings, delicate rings and dainty pendants that are all the rage at the moment.

But Mejuri also makes sure to dip their toes in new trends and one of their most popular editions being the 14K Zodiac Collection, $350. The zodiac line is totally cool and minimal. You can flaunt your star sign without really flaunting it in someone’s face due to the simple way the stars are aligned for your sign. Wear it every day, with or without people knowing your sign. Set with white sapphires and made with a thick 18k gold layer on sterling silver, the Zodiac necklace is an IT item to have in your wardrobe.

I chatted with the Mejuri team about the minimalist trend and how their brand adds to the aesthetic. Each month, New York-based astrologer Nadine Jane gives horoscope predictions on the brand’s website to tell you what the stars have in store. We also asked her about the resurgence of star sign pieces.

Can you talk about the resurgence of the Zodiac jewelry trend?
When you step into Mejuri HQ, you’re bound to be asked, “What’s your sun sign? And your rising and moon sign?” Astrology has become so widely referenced—in relation to how we identify ourselves and how we understand others—it only felt natural that as a team of millennials, we would create an edition that represents zodiac signs in a wearable way. What we didn’t want was to be super literal with how the signs are represented (i.e. a bull for the Taurus sign). Instead, we wanted these designs to be subtle and minimal; that’s how we arrived at the idea of using constellations.

How does Mejuri remain minimal and ahead of the curve, yet on-trend, with the Zodiac edition?
Mejuri has weekly drops which allows us to be very nimble with what we’re releasing and when. We design for the moment we’re in, rather than big, seasonal drops. As soon as we predicted the cultural impact zodiac signs were going to have, we started thinking about how we could interpret them in the Mejuri way: minimal, fresh and cool.

What are some of the unique features that Mejuri has done with this particular edition?
Mejuri’s previous zodiac edition quickly became a best-seller, but based on customer feedback, we decided to create this edition in 14k solid gold as well as the existing 18K Gold Vermeil. Our solid 14k pieces have a subtle warmth, but are also water-friendly and heirloom pieces. To elevate the piece even further, we swapped white sapphires for ethically-sourced S1 clarity diamonds.

How did the collaboration with Nadine Jane come about and why is she the perfect fit as Mejuri’s in-house astrologer?
Our team has been fans of Nadine since she first began sharing horoscopes – she’s a long time fan-favorite in our office. Her readings are always positive and shareable, her aesthetic is design-focused, and her approach to astrology is very similar to our approach as a brand: transparent, fun and never stuffy.

Nadine Jane said: “I think there are a number of factors that are making astrology so popular right now, but all of them seem to fall under an overwhelming need to understand what is going on in the world and in our personal lives. Horoscopes give us a sense of control and peace over knowing a bit more about the week or month ahead—they give us some insight into why we might be feeling low on energy or why nothing seems to be going smoothly. Under the same concept, the birth chart gives us a sense of self-acceptance and acknowledgment about who we are and why we are the way we are. We are all searching for some sort of confirmation, or affirmation, that who we are is okay. Astrology is a sort of metaphorical parent telling you that you’re doing alright kid, allowing us to tune out some of the outside pressures from society, aka social media, at large.”

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