Best of 2010: Movies and Music

It’s not officially year-end until we’ve recapped the best parts of the last 365 days, so because you may not have gotten your fill of December top ten glory, allow us to recap: the best movies, music and personalities. (Just be glad we’re not naming our worst.)

5) Black Swan
Behold: the film that makes us forget that Mila Kunis was once known only for playing Jackie Burkhart. Also, the film we turn to while shaking our heads at Natalie Portman’s choice to do a rom-com with Ashton Kutcher.

4) Never Let Me Go
To those of you who witnessed some of us crying past the closing credits, thank you for walking by quietly and pretending not to judge.

3) The Town
Gritty drama, Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck and his typical Bostonian accent. If you had the desire to rob several banks this autumn, you’re not alone.

2) Toy Story 3
If you don’t think computer-animated characters can be noble and inspiring, you’ve got another thing coming. (We said, while eating our feelings and reaching for Kleenex.) 

1) Inception
Suddenly your dreams mean so much more. (That, and they include token A-list babes and an alternate reality where you have hair that works like Marion Cotillard’s.)

5) Taylor Swift
Breaking records at age 20 is the country music equivalent of kicking ass and taking names, and while we were all ready to hear her stop singing about Kanye’s infamous VMA moment, you had to hand it to the little tall blonde girl who uses her guitar to wipe her tears away. (Or something. That’s how the song goes, right?)

4) The National
Never has a life of melancholy mediocrity sounded so good. After years of diligently doing their thing, 2010 finally took notice and embraced The National, proving that no matter what anybody says, Brooklyn’s still cool.

3) Lady Gaga
The meat dress, the music videos, the meat dress, the meat dress. We could elaborate on the wonder of Gaga, but instead we’ll just ask you to watch Telephone.

2) The Arcade Fire
Canadian pride, thy name is Arcade Fire. Far from the top 40 safe house of modern-day music, the Montreal natives gave us something we didn’t know we already had: melodic suburban-prompted animosity.

1) Kanye West
We wanted to hate it, we laughed at his Tweets, but somehow, the genius also known as Kanye served up an album so intense it could only be described as the BEST THING EVER OH EM GEE!!!111ONEONE. Mr. West, we salute you.

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