Beautiful Coffee Table Books

The coffee table book is that step above a magazine spread in someone’s home. It can convey a personality, intellect, emotional state or simply a passion for something without saying a word. If you have to stop and think long and hard about the last great coffee table book you found at your friends home, then perhaps it's the ideal gift for that specific someone.

Christian Louboutin, $100.32

Carefully crafted pieces of art (as much as they are high fashion), the iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin has made his signature red soles an indelible part of our pop culture. In this book, he explores his various creations and the inspirations behind his 30+ years in the industry through stunning photographs and something for the kid in all of us: a pop-up section.

Super Graphic, $22.95

A smart and rather unique look at the intricate and often contradictory stories of our adventurous and mysterious super heroes (as well as villains), Super Graphic dissects the world of comics through colourful and creative pie charts, graphs and timelines to allow the audience to take themselves out of the adventure and into the "real life" facts behind the cosmos of our beloved comic book characters.

Modern Flavors of Arabia, $29.95

Going far beyond the simple visuals of the food-porn fad that has taken over the social media world, this book takes you on a journey to the exotic Middle East to explore the culture of food that reaches centuries wide. Recipes, stories, history and secrets are shared amidst delicious curated photographs of aromatic spices, luscious rose syrup and decadent delicacies.

Decoded by Jay-Z, $40

Yes, THAT Jay-Z. He's taken pen to paper (perhaps fingers to keyboard) and explained the lyrics that accompany his songs in full depth. Good music is good music, but great music often means something more to you and finding meaning behind the words can give you a new appreciation for songs you thought were just catchy tunes.

Vogue: The Covers, $36.05

The veritable guide of all things style, this iconic magazine has been creating stunning, head turning and, obviously, stylish covers since 1892. With over 300 covers of beautifully photographed images taken by some of the most influential artists (Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts), this book also uncovers the history and stories behind the pictures, chronologically, by decade, wherein politics, style, fashion and news melt together into one.


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