8 Accessories You Need for Festival Season

Brace yourselves: This year, festival-goers can expect what is rumoured to be the best festival season yet. Each year more events and artists are added to the lineup and music-lovers everywhere (including myself) couldn't be happier. In preparation for the many festivals we plan on attending, we've scoured the internet to come up with some new outfit inspiration to get us through the festival circuit--or at least create a good #ootd post.

In addition to the classic festival pieces like bell bottoms and vintage floral skirts and dresses, there are certain necessary additions to the pile that we need to make. These pieces are edgier than the boho chic influences we have seen in recent years. For 2016, we're seeing a regeneration of the classic rock style of the '60s and early-'70s, so keep Stevie Nicks and this list in mind when shopping for your new essentials.

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2. ASOS Tick Tock Clog Sandals, $74

clog sandals

I know, I know. Platform shoes are nothing new, but they are just such a great addition to most outfits and work particularly well for the edgy rock music-inspired festival style we’ll be seeing this year. Either by reinvention or creation, there’s large rock n roll influence here. Platform’s are perfect for the occasion, they’re easy to walk in, and trendy and they definitely keep with the 2016 rocker girl look.

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