5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials Made for Canada

Art, unfortunately, doesn’t always suit life”whenever I see winter runway shows or collections, I often think, ¦but would these actually work in a real winter? Some materials and cuts just don’t weather salt slush and wind chills well, and when the weather gets vicious, it can be hard to think of experimenting with new clothing.

Fortunately, many of this season’s trends are actually viable even in a Canadian winter. Here are some sound directives for styling yourself all winter long.

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Play with textures

Athleisure and normcore were more than just passing portmanteaus: they reopened the ready-to-wear garment industry to a whole bunch of new materials and textures like neoprene, viscose and machine-washable cashmere. If you’re going to layer up anyway, try introducing a new type of polyester blend or even vinyl into the mix for a little touch of genre-bending. Wear it: TOPSHOP MOTO Vinyl Jamie Jeans ($115)

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