5 Spring Style Items to Add to Your Rotation

Intermediate weather is challenging to dress for, but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to spring, the sometimes fickle mix of warm sunlight and nippy breezes makes it necessary to still wear layers but in a different way than in winter. Where in the colder weather, we wear layers to keep on for warmth, in the spring, it’s wise to prepare outfits with thin layers that you can shed or pull on as necessary depending on the time of the day. Bona fide fashionistas and big spenders might have a luxurious wardrobe from which to pull different types of colours and cuts, but for the most part, all you need is a small collection of essentials that complement each other. Here’s a short checklist for easy, effortless spring looks:

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Spring is arguably the best time in the year to wear white. In the summer you sweat too much and in the winter white is just begging to be dirtied with slush; in the spring, white seems fresh, appropriate and best of all, it goes with everything. Architectural white blouses will perk up any office ensemble, while tank tops, plain white tees and button-ups are the ultimate expressions of slouchy-girl chic while running errands or doing brunch. A ruffled linen blouse like this one from Zara ($36) is versatile and matches jeans and floor-length skirts easily, making it a reliable top to keep coming back to throughout the season. 

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