18 New Styles to Add to Your Gym Wardrobe

 If you're like us getting to the gym to pump some iron a la Arnold Schwarzenegger can be a battle in itself. Procrastination and exhaustion are just a few factors that will make us turn tail and head straight home to Netflix and a bag of Lays potato chips instead of busting a sweat on the elliptical machine. It's not something to be proud of, but we all have moments when we want to say Hasta la Vista baby to any physical activity period.

There are, however, a few things that will prevent us from skipping our work outs and bolster our moods when we're feeling out of sorts. For example, incorporating workouts into a daily or weekly routine so it becomes habit, partnering up with a friend for motivation and the other “ most important “ is to show off our fashionable gym gear.

Yes, we admit almost anything fashion related will turn our frowns upside down and get us to the nearest GoodLife just to walk around in our favourite athletic buys. So, for the sake of motivation we sent our style senses out on the prowl to search the World Wide Web for some of the most fashionable, athletic wear that not only serves you when you're breaking a sweat but you can wear when you're meeting up with your gal pals for a post-workout meal. Can someone say Brunch?

Yogis will love our selections from Montreal-based brand Lolé« whose wares are designed to take you from the studio to the street in style. And CrossFit loving ladies will want to suit up in the Reebok's Crossfit collection; our favourite piece is the graphic compression tights, which are not only eye catching but will support your muscles as you put them through its paces.

Road warriors who hit the pavement on the regular will love our choices of the Nike Fly Knit Lunar 3 sneakers; the company's newest and most stylish running shoe to date, designed to be ultra-light and cushiony. Gym goers will be surprised to see the budget friendly and fabulous finds from fast fashion retailer Forever21. And for ladies who love to dance, we came across L.A. based brand ALO Yoga whose leggings will make you have a Flashdance moment.

Scroll through the image gallery below to see our 18 style solutions for the gym.

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