10 Flat Shoes to Splurge on this Spring

We’ve made a Game of Thrones-like oath to ourselves at the beginning of the spring season and it’s that we refuse to endure sore feet and blistered heels from wearing uncomfortable and painful shoes. Nobody wants to experience the ugly and often disastrous results of unsightly blisters forming on the backs of their heels, or to be seen in public hobbling in agony.

One of the few ways to avoid this problem is to seek out new footwear and boldly wear flats for spring. Now, we’re not planning to abandon our high heels for the entire season. We’re just putting our four-inch stilettos aside until a special occasion comes up that requires minimal standing time and the furthest distance we have to walk is from curb to cab.

Flat shoes has received numerous fashion nods of acceptance over the last several years, which means the selection of stylish and fabulously designed footwear choices have increased exponentially to fit anyone’s style and budget. Big name designers, from Balenciaga to high heel queen Victoria Beckham, had their models parade up and down the spring 2015 runway wearing flat shoes with dresses, skirts, and the season’s latest trend, culottes.

Browse the image gallery below to see 10 flat and fabulous spring shoes to splurge on.

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Sporty Style

Once you slip your foot into this slick and sporty sneaker, you’ll never want to take it off. Vince Slip-On Sneaker, $275, theseptember.com.


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