Is Your Friend’s Boyfriend a Total Jerk?

When you voice an opinion about a best gal pal’s relationship you are always walking a tightrope.  If you’re wrong about the situation, (or right but she gets back with him) you will fall flat on your face for meddling and could potentially alienate yourself from her life.  If you’re right (aren’t we always?), and she takes your advice to dump him “ you’ve somehow managed a fantastic balancing act and helped her get to the other side (fingers crossed she stays there). So when is it a good time, if any, to take the plunge and tell your friend how you really feel about her boyfriend (jerk, scumbag, etc)?

He’s been sleeping around
If you see it for yourself or hear from a good source that your friend’s man is having sexy times with someone who is not your friend, tell her.  Yes, no one wants to hear it “ and no one wants to be the one to say anything “ but it becomes a question of her health and safety “ he may not only be a lying, cheating, dirt bag “ he may also fail to always wrap it up with the other ladies.

You’ve witnessed a physical altercation or things seem fishy

This seems like a no-brainer.  If at any point you’ve watched your friend take any kind of a one-off to any part of her body “ or it seems like she is constantly bending her breathe while you are around the two of them “ get involved, but gently. It may be even best to call a hotline or ask someone of educational certification for advice on how to best approach the situation.

She’s cries, like, all the time
If she is that unhappy and is constantly expressing it “ take the you-can-do-better/I-just-think-you-deserve-the-best angle.  Don’t attack him and compile a list of all of the douchy things he’s done because there is a chance she may get defensive.  Also, if she’s this upset she has definitely already made her own list so all you really have to do is nod and confirm she isn’t crazy for being upset.  Continually tell her you will support her no matter that you are always there when she needs to talk.  Oh, and when her pathetic excuse for a boyfriend is away, take her out with the handful of great guys you know.

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