What NOT to do on a First Date

We’re constantly being bombarded with tips and tricks of adorably feminine and flirty things we can do on your first date to score date number two. But what about all the things you SHOULDN’T do? Well that’s what we’re here for, right?


1. Be rude.
This one might seem like a given, but you have no idea how many horror stories we have heard from our male friends over the years. Ladies, it is not (we repeat NOT!) sexy to belch, fart, pick your teeth, eat with your mouth open, or obnoxiously chew gum. Don’t do it!

2. Discuss your ex
Nothing screams “I’m not ready to date yet!” like talking about your ex all night. Sure go ahead and make a brief mention of your last relationship, how long it lasted, and how long ago it ended¦but rambling on and on and on about how much of a jerk your last boyfriend was will prove nothing except the fact that you probably won’t get a call back.

3. Discuss marriage, politics, or religion
These three are off-limits for the first date, unless you want to scare him off in a heartbeat.

4. Get drunk
Because every guy loves trying to hold up a conversation with a girl who can barely form a sentence. Having a glass or two of wine with your meal is fine, but if you spend the entire night getting absolutely wasted chances are that you aren’t going to impress him¦and likely won’t remember if he impress you.

5. Assume he’s paying
Before you pick out the best cut of beef from the menu and order yourself the most expensive glass of wine, don’t “assume” your date is going to foot the bill.

6. Lead him on
We don’t care how lonely you are feeling on date night, if your interest levels are waning, a non-committal make out session is NOT the way to get the point across. If he’s not the dude for you, don’t feel guilty calling it a night early and bowing out with a simple “it was a pleasure to meet you” and a friendly hug. He’ll get the picture.

7. Leave him hanging
That said¦if you want to see him again, tell him you want to see him again! Simple as that. Contrary to what the “dating myths” would have you believe about waiting guys actually find it incredible attractive when a woman is up front about her interest. Even if you aren’t ballsy enough to come right out and say it, send a text right after you say goodnight for the evening. He’ll appreciate it, trust us.


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