Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. What do you give newlyweds starting a life together?

While gift registries offer a helping hand, sometimes unique, meaningful gifts from the heart leave a more lasting impact that stemware or cash.

Wine for a Wedding Box
Give them a gift that keeps on giving, so the happy couple can enjoy a bottle of wine from you on their major anniversaries. Select three bottles of wine (that get better with age) and seal them in the Wine for a Wedding box to open on their first, fifth and tenth anniversary. 

The Gift of Green
Give a tree or shrub they can plant and watch grow over the years along with their family (maybe).  Not only will it grow into a place to relax in the shade, a tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen each year and absorbs 10 lbs. of pollutants from the air each year.

Give Art
Find a favourite photo of the couple and turn it into a metal print, sticker, canvas or poster, so the couple can decorate their new home with a favourite memory together.

Dinner on the Town
Post-wedding, the couple may too busy to sit down for a home-cooked meal. What you would have spent on gifts from the registry, spend on gift cards from their favourite restaurants so the newlyweds can head out for dinner without breaking the bank.

Make it Personal
Personalized gifts are a good way to give a gift that’s special. Frames, pillows or even champagne flutes with the couple’s names and anniversary will always be remind the couple of that special day.  Look for Etsy stores that can personalize your gifts.

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