Spring Clean Your Phone To Up Your Dating Game

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If you’re anything like me, once January 1 rolled around, you made resolutions to be a better version of yourself. And perhaps you’re still on point with keeping your resolutions and are the prized 2.0 version of your former self. Or maybe, you fell off the proverbial wagon. For me, it’s been a little bit of both, but life is all about those rustic fuck-ups that end up tend to teaching us something anyway, so there’s no shame in my game.

But what I love about a new season, particularly spring, is that it’s a great time to check in with ourselves. To see where we’re at and where we want to be and to set ourselves up for mastery, accordingly. We’re all ever-so-familiar with the term “spring cleaning,” which in a general sense means ‘out with the old/in with the new.’

So to help you to do just that, I’ve put together a cheat sheet of sorts on how to remove things from your life — and your phone — that just might be holding you back in some way, so you can be in a prime state to blossom. Happy blooming!

  1. Remove random apps from your phone: I’m talking trivia games and word games and really all games. Horoscope and meditation apps are well and good if you actually use them, but apps that are pure time sucks and don’t give you anything positive in return — (except for maybe a fleeting moment of feeling like a boss bitch for beating a computer/fellow-friend at trivia) — need to go. They are taking away from time you could be reading, interacting with others, reaching out to friends, working and the like.
  2. Use the blocking feature to your advantage: The purpose of spring cleaning is to remove things from your life that are no longer serving you. And so, if you’re going through a break-up, you know the only way to do it effectively is to move forward, not backward (and not remaining stagnant, easy though it may be). To do that, block your ex, their bestie, their parents, their siblings, their sibling’s spouses, et al., from your social media accounts. This can be a forever thing, or just for the first three months apres-split as you try to pick yourself back up again and move forward. The intention here isn’t to be bitchy or prove a point, but instead it’s about your well-being. If you know you’re being ‘monitored’ or feel monitored in any way, that might make you post things for the wrong reasons (to get a rise, to prove a point, etc.) Also, if you don’t block them, you  might be tempted to check in, which can trigger you and hold you back.
  3. Delete old numbers from your phone: I’ve always found it interesting how we hang on to old numbers of former flames in our phone, almost as a mark of pride. Perhaps you once hooked up with an actor, or a personality of note, so you keep their contact loud and proud in your phone to act as a sort of ego boost. But the problem with having peoples’ numbers in your phone, is that you may – under the influence – actually use them, only to wake up hella embarrassed and ashamed. And even if you delete that come-hither message in the morning, that doesn’t mean it never happened. Oh and don’t get me started on pocket dials. To avoid any behaviour that could be out of your control, just clear the numbers from your phone that you no longer need. Basic rule: if you haven’t talked to any of your contacts in the past six months or so, remove them and start fresh. They know where to find you if the mood should strike. Letting go is the name of the game. Life happens and we grow when we move forward. Break free.

*It should be noted that I stopped writing this piece to un-pause New Girl on Netflix while I scrolled through a photo website to choose the next pinkish pic to match my Instagram aesthetic, and so perhaps we can expand this to include websites we have saved. Just be aware of things that are taking away from your time which you can be using in a more positive, fulfilling way. Time is our greatest commodity.

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