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Your new relationship is progressing smoothly and first date jitters are a thing of the past. Then he invites you to meet his parents. Suddenly you have butterflies all over again. Though it’s totally nerve-wracking, it’s also a sweet sign that things are going well.

If you can’t stop worrying that you’ll disappoint, following this formula will help you ace the test.


Go prepared

Before the big night, ask your man for all the important names and info you’ll need. This includes which conversation topics his family is passionate about and what turns them into a divided dinner table.


Help them prepare

No one wants to see you shovel food around your plate. Give your BF pointers about some foods you avoid to prevent this “ his mom will definitely appreciate knowing that you can’t stomach fish, for example.


Plan your outfit

Now would be a good time to wear your favourite dress or your grandmother’s antique necklace. Keep those vinyl leggings in their drawer and go for a modest pump over spiked heels. No matter what you choose, keep it modest and your makeup clean. If you’re worried about being over or underdressed, take your cues from your guy.


Be punctual

Timing is everything for this big meeting. If you are going to be late, it’s considerate to let your hosts know you’re running a bit behind. If you’re the kind of woman who’s never on time, start getting ready extra early.


Be polite

Bringing a gift is part of the drill. Ask your man what type of wine his parents like if you aren’t sure what to choose, or consider a plate of home baked cookies. As the night goes on, offer help in the kitchen, too. Don’t forget that good manners also include keeping your PDAs under control. So for those of you who enjoy under-the-table footsie, just make sure you’re rubbing the right man.


Evade hot-button topics

Avoid conversations on politics, religion and finances. If a question is thrown your way, do your best to answer it lightly and steer the conversation elsewhere. Show interest in your hosts and in the family “ ask his parents how they met or prod one of your guy’s funniest childhood moments. If conversation runs dry, you can always refer to a big story in that day’s newspaper “ just be sure you’ve read it!


Don’t be phony

Sucking up is never sincere, so don’t feel the need to compliment as if on cue. If you like one of his mom’s dishes, by all means, tell her. But if you don’t, tell her how much you like her home, or let her know how great her son is to you.


Show your personality

Try too hard to be something you’re not and the night may end in disaster. Be yourself and enjoy the company and his parents will soon recognize why he’s so into you.

Was it a complete success or a downright disaster? Tell us about your first meet-the-parents moment.

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