Cute Holiday Date Ideas

So, Santa has brought you someone special this year. Lucky for you, the Christmas season is full of playful, holiday-inspired date ideas. This year, ditch the awkward office Christmas party and check out these cute dates instead.

Tree Lighting
Soon, small towns everywhere will be hosting their annual tree lighting ceremonies. You know the ones I mean. The lights never light up on the first try and the tree is usually on the sparse side. If you’re looking for a somewhat lame, totally adorable holiday date idea, the hometown tree lighting is worth a try! Not to mention, there’s usually free hot chocolate!

There’s nothing like a trip to your local skating rink. If one of you “ or both of you “ hasn’t skated since you were ten-years-old, even better. You’ll spend the entire time arm-in-arm and have all kinds of bruises to laugh at later. Because the opportunity for flirting is endless here, ice-skating is perfect for first dates. (Especially if you’re willing to play the damsel in distress.)

If you and your man are a couple of daredevils, grab a toboggan and head for the hills. Tobogganing may not be the most extreme sport out there, but you’ll both have a blast plummeting down the hill and crashing in a heap at the bottom. Again, bruises may ensue but you’ll have plenty of memories to compensate.

Gingerbread House
Embrace your inner eight-year-olds and make a gingerbread house together. All you need is a do-it-yourself gingerbread kit and a fun-loving guy to build it with. Even if neither of you are nimble-fingered or creative, you’ll still have fun feeding each other all the leftover gumdrops and marshmallows.  

Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride
It doesn’t get more romantic than a ride in a horse drawn sleigh. Imagine lightly falling snowflakes, a moonlit night and the two of you snuggling in the back of a carriage. It isn’t often that this much fairytale romance presents itself. Oh, and what better time to wear that princess-worthy cape jacket?

Deck the Halls
For a cozy, stay-at-home date, spend an evening decorating one of your houses! Trim the tree, hang the wreath and put on some holiday tunes. For added relaxation, indulge in some hot chocolate and Christmas baking. This Christmas date idea is great for low-key, long-term couples.

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