Ronda Rousey is Pantene’s Newest Brand Ambassador

P&G is killing it with their brand ambassadors lately. This morning, Pantene announced that mixed martial artist, Olympic medalist and former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion (and all around badass) Ronda Rousey would be the newest addition to their ambassadorship roster, heading a new “Strong is Beautiful” campaign.


Rousey, who also happens to be a judoka, actress and bestselling author, is here to prove that women can be both strong and feminine, with the key messaging “Don’t hate me because I’m strong.” And, let me tell you, we are HERE. FOR. IT.

Her message comes clear: Just because she can kick your ass, doesn’t mean that she can’t have great hair and be feminine, too. Because the people that are out there calling her “she man” and “savage” can go fly a goddamn kite. So, yeah, I’m pretty stoked for this news.

Rousey joins the ranks of other Pantene ambassadors like Jillian Hervey and Selena Gomez, but is also coming at a time where the parent brand is making waves, adding James Charles and Nura Afia to front their products.

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