It’s Official: Drake and Rihanna are Dating Again

The moment everyone has been waiting for: Drake and Rihanna have apparently made their undeniable sexual tension official and are dating again, according to reports.

So, okay, yeah. We’ve all been waiting for this day to come, and while we can breathe a sigh of relief because they are so obviously made for each other, I’m actually not totally happy about this. Not because that means Drake is off the market and I can’t date him (kidding, that’s mostly why), but because this relationship has been in the making for literally years. The sexual tension has been building up for years. Obviously they’ve already hooked up during their first go at dating, but I’m thinking ahead to the probable celebrity breakup and what that means for the rest of us: no more Drake and Rihanna songs and that makes me sad. Nay, pissed. What if it doesn’t work? What if it ends and it ends real bad?

We’ve been blessed with these two coming back for seconds and thirds when it comes to their musical hookups and a world without the possibility of more of that is not a world that I want to live in. Sorry.

Maybe they’ll make it work this time. Maybe this is it. Maybe they’ve truly found love in a hopeless place, but I just don’t know that my emotions are ready for the possibility of them breaking up again and it being done for good. And like you know the media is going to be ALL OVER every fight they may or may not have had and I just. can’t. take. it.

If they break up, not only are we shafted more musical mashups, but then we have to pick sides. We have to choose who won the breakup. It’s Ross and Rachel’s “we were on a break” all over again.

So, Aubrey and RiRi, if you’re reading this (I’m assuming you are), make it work, even if it’s just for the kids.

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