Gigi Hadid’s Tommy Hilfiger Collection is (Almost) Here

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer and I don’t want to talk about jackets, but this helps a bit: the Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger lookbook has been released, and I feel a little bit better now about foregoing shorts for 16 months.


The collection is, admittedly, super Tommy Hilfiger-esque (think: nautical and navy and everything else you’d associate with “Americana”), but it’s got a seventies/nineties twist that’s clearly all Hadid, bless us everyone (you can check out the rest of it here). I mean, it’s wearable (jackets, jeans, fitted sweaters), includes overalls and offers sweaters and tops with a “G” on the front. Plus, there are more than a few ribbed turtleneck sweaters I was really ready to say goodbye to because it is the year of our lord 2016 and they’ve been a mainstay on the winter circuit since I started grade 12 in 2002. But you can’t win them all.

Which is something I’m repeating to myself because while I’m super into what Gigi’s brought to the Hilfiger table, I was hoping for something a little more nineties. And because this is my house and I’m the captain now, here is my official bid for pieces we all grew up wearing and didn’t even realize how much we needed them until they were gone.

Let’s do this:

– Tommy Hilfiger overalls–with straps that read, “Tommy Hilfiger”

– High-waisted jeans with the obnoxiously loud “Tommy” logo

– Simple cotton t-shirts with the loud “Tommy” logo (see: what we all bought on sale at Bootlegger, between 1998-2000)

– Baby tees

– Crop tops (also branded with a logo, duh)

– The classic dark denim jacket

– I believe there was also a belt–so, the belt (do you guys know what I’m talking about?)

– The easy-to-wear zip-up–preferably now, because I’m a little chilly outside in the wind (UGH)

– Everything in this photo

The parka we deserve and also the one we need right now

– Everything offered to us in 1999

So maybe I should be designing for Tommy Hilfiger. Maybe this is my bid for designership. Maybe this is me saying, “Remember when Tommy offered nineties pieces very briefly last autumn?” and then this is me following that up with, “What happened and why did it stop?”

Brands: we are thirsty for the past. Club Monaco? Give us your branded crew neck sweatshirts. Gap? Return to the days of Reality Bites. Guess? I wasn’t allowed to shop at your store when I was 14, but I’m interested in re-creating those old ads now. And Tommy? We’re all lusting for nostalgia. Deliver unto us the shit we want to Instagram and talk about. (Especially since even my 19-year-old cousin has me hunting for old nineties Tommy stuff, as my actual youth is his gateway into hip teen-hood. God help us all.)

Although I just scored Tommy Girl perfume for $20 and I have never felt so alive.

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