Would You Buy “Well Worn” Chuck Taylors?

We’ve all had (or have) a pair of Chucks, but would you skip the newness of the shoes for a chance to skip right to the used/needs to be replaced look? Converse is willing to bet that you would.

The shoe brand has launched their “Well Worn” line, which is exactly what it sounds like — new shoes that have that lived-in look. Featuring softer, creased canvas, distressed soles, and dirty, thin laces (nice?), the shoes will give off that “vintage” vibe without you going through the trouble of doing it yourself.

Available in bright colours and in tones like caramel, you can pick up the line for $60 to $100 — which, when you think about it, is a little crazy when you could just get an original pair for less and wear them on a hike a few times.

But to each her own! What do you think?

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